Yarrow Eco-Village

Features advanced secondary treatment, UV disinfection and Nitrogen reduction followed by discharge to a polishing constructed wetland. Yarrow Eco-Village is a community of 35 single family residences on a 20 acre organic farm. Their vision for environmental sustainability and location within the Vedder River Fan required that their wastewater be treated to the highest possible standard (Class A). AT the same time they wanted a sewage treatment system that was passive, had a low energy consumption and blended in with the aesthetics of the community. The results have been better than advertised. Constituents of Concern emanating from the wetlands (BOD, TSS and fecal coliform) are typically below the limits of detection and Total Nitrogen is typically < 1mg/L. The final effluent is dispersed to a small foot print rapid infiltration basin The system design, regulatory liaison and construction review was undertaken by Arden Consulting Engineers in conjunction with Wetlands Pacific.

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