Bridal Falls RV Park


This project services a 197 unit RV Park and clubhouse. Many of the RV lots contain permanent Park Model RVs on dedicated lots. In order to optimize density, the developer elected to install a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment plant followed by a small foot print rapid infiltration basin. The membranes feature a nominal pore size 0f 0.04um ensuring that the effluent quality is of very high standard. Essentially, no particulate matter greater then 0.04um will be discharged to the environment. The pay back is much smaller foot print for the dispersal field area. Two 140m2 rapid infiltration basins were required for effluent dispersal. A conventional septic system would have required 15 times as much area. This enabled the developer to increase the density which more than offset the increased costs of the MBR system.

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