August 4, 2015


Site Feasibility Assessments

A site feasibility assessment is conducted to determine a property’s ability to support an on-site sewage disposal system from a regulatory perspective. Marginal soil conditions or unfavourable water table elevation may preclude a property from obtaining a permit for an onsite wastewater treatment system and hence the lot may not be suitable for building until such time as sewer is available. ACE staff specializes in performing site reconnaissance to evaluate the subsurface conditions and judge whether or not the parcel will gain approval from the local health authority based on the current regulations. Additionally, we can offer insight into probable construction costs for installing an appropriate system.

Environmental Impact Study

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required for large scale discharges (Discharges exceeding 5,000 gallons per day) to the environment in order to study the impact the discharge will have on the intended receiving environment. Specifically, it must be demonstrated that the discharge will not adversely impact the receiving area or public health and safety. For discharges to the ground the ground the EIA considers such factors as:

  • Ground water mounding effect.
  • Subsurface travel time to potential down slope receptors.
  • Impact of the effluent on the receiving environment

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