August 4, 2015


Rural Land Development

Subdivision of rural property requires that the parcel or parcels of land to be created have suitable area for location of an onsite wastewater treatment system(s). Additionally, factors such as mandated setback distances, slope, and proximity to breakout point must be considered when locating candidate disposal field areas. ACE staff have participated in numerous subdivisions and can provide the support necessary to see the subdivision through from conception to final construction.

Construction Review

 ACE provides comprehensive services and field support in construction review to ensure wastewater treatment systems are constructed in accordance to design specifications. ACE staff can also prepare tender and contract documents for larger scale projects.

Design of Conventional, Alternate and Innovative Septic Systems

 Our team of qualified professional engineers and certified technologists can assist you in the design of a multitude of onsite wastewater treatment systems including:

  • Conventional subsurface systems
  • Raised sand mound systems
  • Pressure Distributions systems
  • Innovative systems
  • Large flow Systems for commercial and industrial applications


Litigation Support

ACE staff has provided investigative services to determine the cause of failure of malfunctioned sewage disposal systems to support pending litigation. We have also provided expert witness services in the Supreme Court of BC.


Repairs To Malfunctioned Systems

We have vast experience in designing replacement wastewater treatment systems that are both economically feasible and meet the objectives of the regional health board.

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